Thursday, July 17, 2008

Take me out to the ballgame!

Well, I've decided to update my blog because my boyfriend keeps complaining that I haven't posted in a while ;0) Things have been going crazy around here lately, but I'll try and update as much as possible! This past weekend Bryan drove in and we went to the Ranger's game this past Friday night (evidently along with every other person I know! Seriously, EVERYONE went to the games this past weekend!) with our good friends Jacque and Jason! We had so much fun getting to use Stella (their new GPS system which is SWEET!). We loved Stella so much that Bryan got one for us to use! Ours should be here tomorrow! We can't wait!

Ok back to the post! The four of started our day by driving to Terrell and going to Cole Mountain Steakhouse for some good, yummy BBQ! After lunch, we visited the local Ham's Orchard and got some fresh, yummy, peach/strawberry ice cream and some fresh FUDGE! Yes, I do now have Bryan hooked on the peanut butter-chocolate (my fav) fudge! ;0) Hehe. Anyways so after that we went back to the house and got ready for the game.

We went Friday night because it was free hat night! Yeah, we're (me and Jacque especially) are always up for anything FREE so we were even more excited! Along with the hats being free, for all of us teachers, the tickets were free! For all you teacher's out there, any teacher can go to any Ranger's game in June and July, (with the exception of Saturday games) show your badge, and get one free ticket! We asked for the tickets near the 3rd base line, and got ones really close! Just a little piece of info for those interested! It turned out to be a really good game and the Rangers won! Whoo hoo! We laughed all night and made some really great memories! ;0) Random pics of the night are posted below! If you want to see them all, just check them out on Facebook!

Here are some random car pictures Bryan and I took!
This one is his favorite for some odd reason?? You're welcome baby. :0)

Us at the game in our super awesome seats!
Jacque and Jason in our free cool hats!
Me and Jacque acting all gangsta..
another pic of the field
play ball!
This is probably one of the best moments of the night. Jacque told us this story of a time when she thought you could really hear the ocean from listening to a shell..blah blah..and now here she is recreating that moment..trying to hear the ocean in her cup!
Us driving back..our mean faces! Grrrr..
Ok, now not mean anymore! ;0)
And that's the end folks!

P.S. Cass, I only put up one kissing picture..are you HAPPY?! ;0)


~meredith~ said...

Cute pictures! You are gorgeous, girl! I've heard about the free teacher admission thing. My friend and I want to go, but I don't have a badge. They don't issue those at my school for some reason. I wonder if a paystub would work?

Michelle said...

Eric and I totally took advantage of the free tickets a few days ago as well! We got seats two rows back on the third base line. I sure hope the Rangers continue to offer the same promotion in the future. Glad to see y'all had a good time! :)

Bryan and Susan Neal said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!! :)


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