Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Yes, that's what you get when you put Bryan together with my two daredevil, we'll do anything, brothers, Chase and Chandler. This past weekend when some of my family came up, we took them up to play in the gym. Bryan of course was more than excited to show them some cool tricks that people who aren't gymnasts probably should not do!

I will however admit that it was my idea to get out the rings in the first place. However, I'm sure that even if I hadn't, Bryan still would have got them down and still shown the boys these dangerous tricks anyways!

This first picture that you're looking at here is of my wonderful boyfriend showing the boys how to do dangerous trick #1. He began swinging on the rings over by Chandler(where the yellow mat is on the floor to the left) and proceeded to swing high enough to swing over the "cheese" as he calls it or the red mat that is standing, to release and fall onto the mats behind on the ground. I don't have another picture that shows it, but he did actually swing high enough to go over and land on the mats. Dear lord...

And as you can see, now it's Chandler's turn.. (he was also successful!)
And we definitely can't leave Chase out! Don't worry, my sister Chalen did NOT get a turn! :0)
And here is a picture of Chase performing dangerous trick #2 that Bryan taught them how to too. Geez, Louise....
Lastly, here is a picture of the boys with their fierce looking tattoos that they got at the gym (fake of course) :0).
The boys all enjoyed a time of flipping on the trampolines, and swinging on the bars. They all got a nice workout by the end of the afternoon and were all nice and sweaty. Boys..gotta love them! ;0)I took more videos of them doing their stunts than pictures, but they're all on Bryan's camera. When he gets here I'll see if I can upload them so you all can see. They're pretty cool! I am happy to report that no injuries were sustained (at the gym at least) while performing these acts! Man, I love my boys, crazy as they are!

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