Monday, July 28, 2008

worst movie night EVER!

Well, I have tons to update, but that's going to have to wait. I HAD to get on here and post about what happened on Saturday night.

Bryan and I decided to go to the movies because I had a gift card one of my students had given me and I hadn't used it yet. We went and checked what was showing, and saw that Step Brothers was playing. We both had seen previews and thought it looked funny so we decided to see that movie. I was a little hesitant because I saw that it was rated R and didn't expect that/know why it was. Bryan said that it was probably for the language, and even though I was still not sure, we decided to go anyways.

We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse (yum!) and then went to the movie. Step Brothers started and thus began the most horrible, foul, beginning of a movie that I have EVER SEEN! The "F" word was used continuously and other foul language. Not only was the language repeatedly horrible, a specific scene was shown that left me flabbergasted. Literally, my mouth dropped open and I covered my eyes because it was so vile. Bryan and I looked at each other and he said, "Ready to go now?". I said yes, and we left. Yep, got up and walked out of that movie. Bryan kept apologizing and said that if he knew that it was going to be that bad he never would have even THOUGHT about taking me to it. I assured him that it wasn't his fault.

We were bummed out that I spent my gift card and didn't even get to see a movie, so we went searching for another one and the only one that had a time available was Mama Mia. Yeah, I only tortured Bryan for about 10 minutes of that before we got up and walked out of that movie! Bryan said that we could have stayed, but honestly I didn't want to and just wasn't up to it. Step Brothers completely ruined our movie night! :0(

On the way home, Bryan and I talked about the whole rated R thing, and we said we should have looked before hand to see WHY it was rated R. Some movies that we've seen and liked have been rated R, but it's because of violence or things like that. I guess it all depends on what the rating is. That's why when I got home, I looked up Step Brothers ratings and found this:

MPAA RATING:(R ), for crude and sexual content, and pervasive language

Oh, if we had only known.

Some may not agree with this post, but I guess every one is entitled to their own opinion and what they watch. I personally do not believe that ANYONE should go see this movie! I'm warning might be just as scarred as I am now. Ok folks, you've all been warned!


* Tyly * said...

Sorry you had such a bad experience!

So "Mamma Mia!" wasn't any good? I was thinking about watching it...

cassandra sagan webb said...

Why was Stepbrother so terrible? What was the bad scene? I hate pretty much all Will Ferrill movies. I think they're stupid. Husband loves them, though. Sorry you had such a bad night.

Mamma Mia! wasn't that bad. Cheesy, yes. Definitely a girl movie.

Anonymous said...

So did Bryan have to spend money for his ticket, and y'alls the second time... that kinda sux.

Michelle said...

A great website to get a good breakdown of exactly why a movie has a certain rating is The only problem is if the movie is newly released (less than a week old), I don't think you can read the review unless you're a member. Eric and I rely on it a lot!

The Holik's said...

I totally know how you feel. Jason and I were with his brother Josh one night, and the movie was Super Bad, and it was horrible how many times they said the "F" word, and I do remember covering my eyes as well!!


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