Thursday, July 3, 2008

he's a keeper!

Bryan was so sweet to me today! He decided that I needed a day of pampering, so he let me sleep in, then came home and took me out to lunch. After lunch we went to Blockbuster (they're having a 50% off sale of all previously viewed movies!) and he got me a couple of movies for my classroom! After Blockbuster, he dropped me off to get my nails done and a pedicure while he went and worked out. Isn't he the best? Yes, I know he is. That's why I love him so much! He is always thinking of me and is always so generous. I think I'll keep him around! ;0)

On another note, I'm super excited about this weekend! My parents and some of my siblings are coming to visit the Moss family in Shreveport for the 4th of July!! We're going to hang out at the pool and grill out burgers, enjoy some fireworks, play at the gym, and Bryan's going to bbq out. I know we're going to have a blast and I can't wait! I want to wish everyone an early safe and happy 4th of July!


Amy Holifield said...

my husband has oh so kindly asked that you quit posting this kind of thing...he says it makes the rest of us look bad! I said maybe he should remember that just because we're an old married couple, that doesn't mean something like this wouldn't be nice once and a while, to which I got no reply:)

Amanda said...

that is just so precious Chels! What a sweet guy!!! let's see those 4th of July pictures ASAP!


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