Thursday, July 31, 2008

It Happens!

You MUST first listen to this song and read the lyrics before you proceed any further!

You could say that this song was our theme song for Bryan and mine's mini vacation! He previously took off 11 days of work to take his vacation and had planned to come down and see me, then we'd made plans from there to go down and see my family and then go down to San Antonio to see Jacque and Jason. However, our plans unexpectedly were changed and out of our control. That's pretty much how the whole week turned out!

*I must stop and insert here that after seeing Jacque and Jason's super cool GPS system, we (aka Bryan) decided to buy one of our own. The GPS was supposed to be shipped to my house that Friday before we left on our trip. Bryan even paid extra money for the shipping to make sure it got here.

Bryan got to my house on Thursday night and then on Friday we waited for the GPS. Meanwhile we'd been tracking it online and it said that it was in Mesquite. Time kept passing and passing and still no GPS. Long story we got on the phone with the people, tracked it down, and were told that it had been rescheduled for MONDAY! We informed the people that we needed it NOW because we were going out of town, but the stupid guy said that it was in a trailer and they couldn't get to it or unload it until Monday. To say that we weren't happy was putting it lightly! We then had to decided where we were going to re-route it to, so we decided to send it to Shreveport.

We ended up leaving Friday night and going to my parent's house in Lorena. We hung out with my family and cousins and I got to get a new tire! Whoo hoo..NOT! We left to go to Shreveport on Sunday and stayed from Sunday to Tuesday evening. We got to see (for me meet) Bryan's oldest brother Jason, and his wife Whitney, who were in from Germany. It was really good to meet them! We played Mexican train, ate cake, and hung out at the pool. We also went and ate at Joe's Crabshack and went and saw the Dark Night. It was AWESOME!

Tuesday the plan was that we would get the GPS when it arrived and head back to Lorena to spend the night. It would have been 7 hours to drive from Shreveport to San Antonio, so we nipped that idea in the bud and decided to drive half way and then stop in Lorena. We again had been tracking our GPS system and it said online that it had already arrived in Shreveport. We thought/hoped it was going to arrive sometime before noon. Oh, wishful thinking. Long story short, our GPS didn't arrive at his house until 6 o'clock that evening! Bryan (especially) and I were NOT happy campers! We had previously tried everything to even get the package, but it was a no can do. The bad thing was that the UPS guy had actually driven by Bryan's house around 3:30 that afternoon and was in the neighborhood, but didn't get to us until 6! Talk about a horribly, frustrating day! Oh well, the most important thing is that we got our GPS! Whooo hoo! Oh, by the way her name is Lucy and she's fabulous! ;0)

Moving on, (by the way did I mention that this post will be terribly long?! ;0) We got to Lorena that night, spent the night, woke up Wednesday morning, then left to go to San Antonio. We had a rather uneventful drive (thank God!) and got to J and J's that afternoon. It was so good to finally get there! It felt like we'd been trying to get there forever! :0) We visited with the family and everyone got to meet Bryan. That night Jacque and I helped Jilly made chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and sweet carrots. It was yummy! Then the 4 of us went to Sequin and went to HASTINGS!! Man, I've missed that store! Bryan was such a sweetheart and let me buy a ton of bridal magazines and then we left and went to go see the Dark Knight. Yes, this was the second time that Bryan and I had seen the movie, but yes, it was THAT good! ;0)

Thursday was the day that we'd all planned to go to Sea World...the thing we'd all been looking forward to the most. I'd never been and was really excited! So do you think we got to go, judging from our week? Heck no! Thursday was when the hurricane came in, so we got rained out all day. Oh, and did I mention that we had a tornado warning? Man, it's true when they say when it rains it pours...and makes tornados! So we ended up just hanging out at the house until the rain stopped. Thank goodness it did, enough for us to venture out of the house and head into San Antonio. We drove in and went down by the Riverwalk, checked out the mall, put on some coon skin hats, watched an IMAX movie over mummies, and ate at a Mexican restaurant for dinner. We had a lot of fun! On the drive back we all jammed out to the new Sugarland c.d I got! ;0) When we got back to the house, we all changed into our jammies and played the game Phase 10 until about 2:00 in the morning! I don't think we ever laughed that much in our lives! Good memories were made! :0)

Friday morning we hung around the house and just visited with the family. Jilly made us yummy waffles that were sooooo good! We later said our thank you's and then headed for home. Bryan and I ended up stopping at IKEA on the way home. Um, I just want to know why nobody ever told me about this fabulous store (well except for Jacque and Jason)?? It was so amazing! We didn't get a lot of stuff, just because it was all so, well, overwhelming, but make no mistake-we will definitely be back! We made it home, sweet, home, on Friday night!

Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early and drove to Six Flags. We had an interesting time of course, sweated more than one person should, and certainly drank/got more refills than one person should! We stayed for about 6 hours and got to ride all the rides we wanted to, so we were happy! After Six Flags, we cooled off and I took Bryan to Mardel's. He'd never been there, so I wanted to take him. Turns out it's his new favorite store (which I knew it would be ;0)! We had lots of fun there. After Mardel's we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and then this is where we had our great (not) movie idea, incerpt Step Brothers movie here!

Sunday we relaxed, did some odd jobs around my house, went and did some errands, went up to my school, and watched Music and Lyrics. Overall, it was a nice relaxing Sunday. On Monday, Bryan drove home and I had to go to a workshop. That part sucked...but at least the rest of our weekend was good!

Ok, folks, there you have it! The awaited post! Now, the lesson learned several times over during our mini vacation: Sometimes things go the exact opposite way that you planned them, and there's nothing you can do about it, no matter how hard you try! You have two choices of how you react---laugh or cry! We did a bit of both that week!

Never the less, as Jennifer Nettles says :" Life don't go quite like you planned it, We try so hard to understand it, The irrefutable, indisputable fact is, it happens!"


Sarah Lilly said...

bridal magazines?! hey hey...!
Sounds like an eventful trip! I agree with you on IKEA...I have lots of IKEA stuff in my apartment. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

* Tyly * said...


I'm glad you guys were able to make the best of it!!

But again - bridal magazines?!


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