Thursday, January 17, 2008


Ok so this will be a completely random story. Anyways, this past Sunday, a guy named Jason was a guest singer at my church during the Sunday morning services. He's been there and sang before so I recognized him. He's really good, so I've always enjoyed hearing him.

Anyways, during the service, I was sitting near this random guy, who was pretty cute, if I do say so myself! When the service ended we stood up to sing the closing song with Jason, and the random guy leaned in close to me and said that he thought that the guy singing (Jason) had been on American Idol~I said really? And he said yeah, I think he just made it through the first round in Dallas. During the service, I finally realized why Jason had been so I'd seen him somewhere before. Does anyone who watch MTV remember the show about the new upcoming artist Cheyenne Kimball? WELL, if you watched it, then you'll remember that JASON was Cheyenne's love interest/boyfriend/whatever it was. He was totally on the show!! Anyways, I told random guy all about this in church, and we both agreed that Jason was really good. Sadly, church ended and we had to leave..the random cute guy told me not to forget my jacket, and that was the end. :0(

Move forward to Wednesday night and I'm watching American Idol. Who do I see 3 times? JASON! He IS on AI like random cute guy told me! YAY! Jason was the one in the dreds who was sitting behind the weird guy Paul, when Ryan Seacrest was in that big room, then Jason was the one playing the guitar with the crazy dude in white who was obsessed with Simon. They didn't do a long scene with Jason, but showed him at the end as one of the people who moved on. I mean I'm not like best friends with the guy or anything, but I KNOW HIM! I never know people! that's my crazy, somewhat celebrity story of the week!

I found these pictures from when he was on the show with Cheyenne, so you know who he is! You can also check out Cheyenne's video "Hanging On" on youtube, and he's in her video! I always thought they were so cute. I wonder what happened to them..


cassandrasaganwebb. said...

Wow! That's pretty cool! But I must ask...why did random cute guy not get your phone number? Maybe random cute guy will be at church again and Miss Snodgrass will grow some canojes and drop him her digits or at least ask him what he's doing that

meredith said...

That's interesting! It's a small world, afterall...lalalalala.

* Tyly * said...

I used to watch the show with Cheyenne *i know, i know*, and I totally know exactly who you are talking about! I hope he gets some tv time!!! :o)


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