Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Very long weekend update post!

Well, this post is where I get rub in the fact that right now, I'm sitting in BED, not at SCHOOL! Hehehe..yes, that's right. It's Tuesday, and I'm still on my mini weekend vacation! ;0) And let me tell you, it's been lovely! (Sorry for those of you reading this who are working/teaching faithfully and now want to beat me with a stick, because I have off today and YOU don't!)
To update everyone on my weekend, well I'll just say that it was a complete BUST compared to my original plans, but turned out not to be so bad! ;0)

I drove to Waco after I finished at school on Friday. Earlier that morning, I e-mailed my mom to tell her that I was coming home, because I knew she was at school, so I couldn't call her. She never e-mailed me back, and I thought that was odd, but I just thought that she probably didn't have time. Fast forward to me driving up to our house in Lorena. Suprisingly most of the cars were there (this never happens). I walk in and see my dad and Chandler in the living room, and Chandler jumps up to give me a hug, then tells me that's he's been sick and been throwing up for the past 5 days! I jumped away and shoved him off of me, trying to wipe any sick germs off of me, when my Dad says, "So did you come home to get sick?" to which I reply, "WHAT? WHO'S SICK?". Well turns out, when Chandler got sick he gave it to everyone else in my family (for those who forgot there are a total of 7 people living at home right now). Chalen was the only one who hadn't gotten it (yet). I went upstairs to my mom's room, opened the door, and she was laying in bed. She wouldn't even let me come inside the room! So I said, "Well, I guess you didn't get my e-mail!" and she said that she hadn't left her bed all day long. So, basically making a long story short, I called Kyrbie and she said that I could come stay at her house, I told my family I love you and hope you feel better and then got the heck outta dodge!

I know some of you right now are shocked that I didn't stay, but sorry Charlies...there was NO WAY that I was staying and spending my days off being sick! And my family understood :0) They would have done the same thing!

So all I'm going to say is thank goodness Kyrbie was in town! I went over to her parents and spent Friday and Saturday night with them (and a jillion dogs ;0) Hahaha..Sorry Bella! It's not gonna happen! On Saturday we went shopping with her mom and sisters and then headed home for a yummy dinner of Debbie's homemade chicken and dumplings! Seriously..they were the best that I've EVER had! Then we all just sat around and talked and then helped her prepare food for the CareNet bbq the next day.

It was so fun to spend time with Kyrbie, her mom and sisters and catch up! Normally these days, we spend so much time "doing stuff"~but seriously, how many of us can say that we spend our evenings, just spending time with friends or family talking or catching up? Not me. It was nice though...we really spent most of our time in the kitchen talking. It felt like home! :0)

On Sunday I woke up and drove back to Rockwall. I had planned on trying to get together with Morgan, but sadly she just had SO much to do, that we decided to get together next time. It actually turned out perfectly, because when I got back to Rockwall, Jacque called me and asked if I wanted to get together, to which my answer was always YES! They told me they would come pick me up and she told me that she had a surprise for me! I was excited because I LOVE surprises and she's always bringing me some little trinket/"surprise".

I finished unpacking, and then about 20 minutes later, I heard my doorbell ring..twice actually (impatient people)! I went to open the door (I checked the peep hole first Jason! I knew you'd be proud!) saw that it was Jacque and Jason and I told them that it was rude to ring the doorbell twice. While I'm talking, they just stood there, instead of coming in like they normally do. Then they asked if I was ready for my surprise and I said yes, so Jason said, "Surprise, come on out!" After he said this, I'm thinking, "What the crap? Oh God it better not be an animal~but, I don't think they would let an animal roam around by itself, and then hope that it came when they called? What is it?! " While all this is running in my head, I look and I see a shadow and see something coming and I think, "Wow that sure is a BIG something! What is it?!" Then the "surprise" comes around the corner and the shadow is getting bigger and bigger and it's.................................WADE!!

I gave a huge gasp, my mouth dropped and my eyes popped out of my head! I ran over and gave him a hug and was literally speechless! Those of you who really know me, know how this is normally impossible. Man..Jacque and Jason really got me! It was the best surprise ever!

We all came in, and I gave Wade the tour of my new house. We all talked and then decided to go into Mesquite to do some shopping. We made a trip to Bass Pro in honor of Wade's visit, which was lots of fun, then went to Linens 'n Things (I was looking for curtains) and then decided to go eat at Posado's, a yummy Mexican food restaurant. After that we went to Target, where I finally found my curtains, and then we headed home. It was a wonderful day!

On Monday, we decided to grill hamburgers at Jacque and Jason's, which were really yummy thanks to Jason, and then spent the afternoon watching t.v. It was a nice lazy day!

*Jacque and Jason thanks for my surprise! It was the best one I've had in a long time and you REALLY got me! Now since you've set the bar so high as surprises go, I can't wait to see what the next one is ;0)

So that is basically the end of my weekend! My weekend didn't turn out like I had planned, but I'm actually glad! It was BETTER than I had planned! Thank you Jesus for sometimes not giving me what I want, but instead giving me something better! For all my Couch-5K girls, don't feel bad. I haven't been able to continue my workouts because of the nasty weather. I'm ready for the weather to improve so I can get back to work! And speaking of work, I'll let those of you who are at work, continue to do so while I go make me some lunch and watch a movie! Hahahah.....




beth said...

rude, rude, rude! well, i'm glad your weekend turned out to be great, but still...RUDE! =)

Stephanie said...

So, WHO is this cowboy Wade?

And just to rub it in your face---I get to stay home EVERY day. :)


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