Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm with ya Beth!

As my friend Beth mentioned here about her hair today..I also had a "hair situation".

This afternoon, we were getting ready to go outside for recess. I had checked the weather online and knew that it was going to be really windy. I can't STAND it when my hair gets into my face/eyes when it's windy, so I always put it up. Well, I knew that today it was going to even be worse, so I just couldn't pull it back. I had to put it UP. As in, mushroom ball, on the top of my head. Oh geezzz..

Well I decided that I didn't care what anyone thought, and I put my hair up. It wasn't even 2 seconds later when I was putting on my coat and scarf, when I hear, "Miss Snodgrass! Your hair looks funny!" I tell him, "Thanks!" and continue to get ready. Then 3 more students proceeded to come up to me and tell me how funny my hair looked (and one of them actually laughed when he said it~punk!) and I again, sarcastically said , "THANKS!"

Then one of my little girls who heard our conversation comes over to me, and says, "Miss Snodgrass, I REALLY like your hair!" Hahaha..that's when I really meant it when I said, "Thanks!" :0) This is precisely why I think she's the cutest thing ever! Plus, boys don't realize true fashion when they see it! ;0)

Man, it's a good thing I already love these matter how much they make fun of my hair ;0)


beth said...

i'm so glad someone else feels my pain!

cassandrasaganwebb. said...

HAHA! I had to do the "mushroom ball" thing too one day and my kids made so much fun of me...the girls, though, loved it! They were like, "OMG, Miss Webb! Your hair looks so cute!" Except I didn't call it a mushroom, I called it my crown. For the rest of the year the girls would ask me when was the next time I was going to wear my crown...hahaha. Good times.


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