Saturday, September 8, 2007

#2 reason that Chelsey needs a husband

TO MOW MY LAWN!!!!!!!! I was very excited today because I got my lawnmower and was ready to mow away. I got the mower going and started in the front yard around 5:30 this afternoon. I got the area by my garage and the front half of my yard done before the mower died. I tried everything. I let it cool down, I primed it several times, I shook it, I turned it over and checked that there wasn't anything clogging it. I checked the gas..I saw some gas in there, but didn't know how much there was, so I called Jacque and Jason, and they said it was probably the gas. I head off to Walmart to go get a gas can and some gas. I return home, fill up the lawnmower, and thankfully it started right back up. I finished the front yard, and then took a short break, drank some water, and then headed back out to finish the backyard.

Dun, dun, dun....THE, I have discovered my worst nightmare. I absolutely HATE my backyard now. It took me almost an hour to mow that freakin thing, and it was the hardest. I just had to keep going because I knew if I stopped, I wouldn't finish it. So, I finished the dark, knees trembling, legs like jello, arms shaking, I finished it! I have no idea what it looks like, but it's mowed by golly. I came in, collapsed on the floor with my bottle of water and didn't move for a very long time. I did get up then and go take a long shower to wash all the grass and dirt off me.

Now, you're probably thinking, "Chelsey, have you never mowed a lawn before?" To that I will say, I actually have..many times. However, that was a VERY long time ago, and my dad got a riding lawnmower for his birthday one year, so the last time I mowed, I rode. That was probably about 6 years ago..until today. I now know why hardly anyone has a push mower..I now believe that they should be outlawed. Everyone should just save up their money and buy a riding lawnmower. Or at least if you are a single woman who lives alone..stores should give you one for free. The end.

I, Chelsey Snodgrass, promise to never, ever, ever, ever, let my back yard get that bad. I also promise to never mow my backyard again and will hire someone else to do it for me!
(The above picture depicts exactly what I felt like!)


cassandralynne. said...

LoL, you poor thing! Mowing sucks!

* Tyly * said...

oh, i'm so sorry!

at least you can be proud of yourself for accomplishing such a cruddy task!!

and i noticed i'm now on your friends! yay! :o)

Amanda said...

yuck...I hate mowing...I've only done it like...once.. haha.. and someone had to do the edges for me! ha!


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