Monday, September 3, 2007

Signs that you own too many books..

1. You had to label the boxes a "2 person lift only".

2. The only way to actually move these boxes once they are placed somewhere, is to get down on the ground and push them with your legs..remember "2 person lift only" and sadly there is only one you

3. When you finally move the boxes where you wanted them,into the room that is right beside the one which they were previously in (maybe about 10 feet apart) you discover that you are MAJORLY out of breath.

Some of you might state that I am just out of shape considering my lack of breath; however, I know that is not the truth.

The truth is: I own too many books!


Amanda said...

Oh gosh! We had the same "problem" when we moved to this house! Finally, we had books like stacked on the floor and everything! One day I had enough! haha...I made Wes sit down with me and go through all the books we just didn't need, boxed them up, and took them to Half Price Books. We sold them and used the money to buy some more books! hahaha...

Chelsey's Chatter said...

haha that's completely what I would do..I actually did the whole sorting thing today while I unpacked them, and already have a Half Price stack!


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