Saturday, September 22, 2007

Grey's Anatomy Season 1 - CHECK!!

So I'm definitely a little hooked; however, when I was watching the last episode of season 1, I was like is this really the season finale? But then it did get interesting ;0) Bring it on Season 2! I was shocked though, because I looked up how many discs there were and how much I had to watch to be caught up..season 1 has 2 discs, then I looked at season 2 and there are 6 discs, and season 3 has 7! Holy moly..I'm going to be watching a lot of Grey's! When does season 4 come on? I've read September, but then a couple of ya'll have said not until 2008? Somebody tell me..I've got to get an organized Grey's schedule going..sheesh!


Ms. Collier said...

This season starts Thursday night! At least that's what I've been seeing on previews on ABC.

* Tyly * said...

yes, yes!

thursday night!!

ahhh!!!! i can't wait!!!

i'm glad you're enjoying it! i don't even remember how season 1 ends, but i can promise that it only gets better!!!!

cassandralynne. said...

Grey's starts this Thursday!! I know you know that already, but I just had to type it out for my own enjoyment! THURSDAY!!!!


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