Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cute Cute!

So these are some of the cute things that my kids have said the past couple of days!

  • yesterday we were the first ones out to recess, so I went and got on the swings with my kids. (I'm pretty sure that school swings are the best EVER!) Of course, when I got on, they all wanted on too..they think it's just the coolest thing that a teacher can actually swing! One of my little girls on the swing beside me looks at me and said, "I didn't think that teachers were ALLOWED to swing!" That made me laugh :0)

  • one of my boys somehow thought that I had a baby-when I was talking to him, I explained that I wasn't married, I didn't have any children, and that I lived alone. He got this very sad, sympathetic look on his face and said, "Awww...well you can come spend the night at my house! If I get 10 stickers, I get to have a sleep over, and you can come to my house!" Precious..he was as sad that I lived alone as I was :0)

  • One of my moms informed me that her daughter asked her, "Mom-can I move in with Ms. Snodgrass?" Her mom said that she wanted me to know that I must be special because the only other people that she's wanted to move in with were her grandparents...and now me!

1 comment:

Ms. Collier said...

I love kids! They are so sweet and sympathetic! I had one of my girls ask me (when I wore my hair straightened to school Friday for the first time) if I was ever going to get my curls back! She loves them and didn't think that straight was good. It made me laugh!


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