Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Ok I am now obsessed with this song and video thanks to Cass! I just love the words, beat, everything! Plus I'm sure that along with myself, we all can bring to mind one person when we hear this song...I know I can.

I dedicate this song tonight specifically to Lauren, Audrina and all the other girls on The Hills. They need to wake up and sing it! ;0)

P.S Now that Cass has helped me embed videos in here and I FINALLY got it to out..I'm going to be the video queen!

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* Tyly * said...

i love this song, too! james told me about onerepublic a long time ago (like in may) and he kept claiming that "one day they'll be huge"... well they are difinitely making a name for themselves! i really like the remix with timbaland, too. i was so excited when they performed on one of my favorite shows - so you think you can dance.


oh my gosh, audrina needs to wake up!!! that guy is awful!

and poor lauren is set up for disaster when jason drops the bomb on her that he is engaged!

i can't stand heidi or spencer!

if you can't tell, i love the hills!!!

been watching it since day 1!



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