Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Watch the video and then read below!

Ok so while most people have Grey's Anatomy, I have Smallville. I will admit (don't hate me)that I have never watched an epidsode of Grey's. I close your mouth while I explain. See when it first started, I was like yeah ok..another ER, so I didn't watch it. Then when EVERYBODY started watching it, I was like ok maybe I should check it out. However, I'm the type of person that has to see the first episode, and know everything that order. So I couldn't start watching the show until I started with the first season..which I still haven't done.

Anyways, so Smallville is my Grey's Anatomy. I am absolutely, positively, OBSESSED with it. Saw the very first episode, and it's been history ever since. I'm mostly just obsessed with Tom Welling aka "Clark Kent". Yes, I will admit that sometimes I wish that I was Lana. Can you blame me?! If you asked me what my perfect physical idea of a man for me in the whole wide world was, it would be him. If I could pick any man ,any type, any one, it would be him. I think he is beautiful. SMOKIN' HOT!!! I know that you are thinking I'm probably insane right now, but honestly I love that man and I love that show so much, that I could CARE LESS what you think about me right now! :0) I'm pretty sure that I have never missed an episode and they are coming up on the seventh season now. Evidently I'm not the only one who likes it! Now I know realistically he is all a figment of my imagination and Tom Welling is a real human being, a married man, etc, etc. I get that..but that doesn't mean that I can wish for my own Superman right? If he looked like that would just be even better!

I found this video on YouTube and no joke probably spent an hour looking at all the Smallville videos and this one is definitely one of my favorites. My absolute favorite scene is where Clark walks into the room, Lana sees him (after she was told he died) they just stand there looking at each other and then she runs into his arms. Just the look on his face while he's holding her. God, I melt everytime! I want to run into my Superman's arms :0( Some day..some day..

Ok, now you probably don't want to be my friend anymore after seeing how obsessed I am..but know what? I don't care~because the new season of Smallville is coming on September 27th!


cassandralynne. said...

I don't get the Smallville thing. My bro-in-law loves it, I just can't get into it. However, shame on you for not watching Grey's Anatomy! Go rent the first and second season RIGHT NOW and watch it from the beginning. I guarantee you won't be able to stop once you start. I was a Grey's hater for a while - thought it was antoher ER - until my friend ordered me to watch them. It is SOOOOO good and right up your alley if you like romantic stuff.

* Tyly * said...

I, along with Cassandra, order you to go rent Grey's Anatomy and watch it! It is great!!! Serisously, why are you still reading this? You should be at a video store right now!

My boyfriend loves Smallville. I have watched a few episodes with him, but I'm like you... I want to see a show from the very beginning so I won't miss anything. That's what I did with Lost... I rented every season until I was all caught up! And now I LOVE that show!

Sarah said...

Um, you must join NetFlix and rent every season of Grey's Anatomy RIGHT NOW. Do you hear me?? :)


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