Sunday, September 23, 2007

I feel like I'm back in college...

Tonight was the first time in over 2 years that I have actually had homework. So what do I do? Act like a college student and wait until the evening before to get my homework done :0) This afternoon I went up to school, made my bazillion copies and got things ready for the week. I am going to be out all day on Tuesday at a workshop, so I have to get everything ready for my sub. Normally this wouldn't create a problem;however, since I also have my grad school class tomorrow night from 4:30-9:30, problem created.

So after I got finished at school, I came home and..worked on my homework right? WRONG! I decided to postpone it a little while longer, and called my best friend Kyrbie. We talked for about an hour and a half, then I decided I better get to work. So then I popped out:

  • one 6 page paper on ethnic and racial diversity
  • one 4 page substitute lesson plans for Tuesday
  • read 25 very long, small print, pages for my reading assignment for grad class

and I finished it all by 11:00! I was so proud of myself :0) I really do feel like I'm in college again..

except where are all my friends and the cute guys?! :0)

night night


cassandralynne. said...

LoL! The last line of this post is classic. I, too, feel like a college student tonight because I am one! I blew off homework this weekend thinking I didn't have anything due on Monday...looked at the syllabus and HOLY COW! Not only one paper, but TWO are due tomorrow. So, guess who's up at 12:43 am writing a paper on sexuality in the media? This girl!

Erica said...

I sure am glad those days are over! (at least as far as homework is concerned.)


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