Thursday, September 20, 2007

I am a horrible teacher.

Am I a horrible teacher if I get a secret thrill when we have practice fire drills, and I love the fact that when the alarm sounds, they look scared out of their minds and I want to laugh at them?

Am I a horrible teacher if I think it's funny when the alarm rings and they all literally jump and almost fall out of their chairs?

Am I a horrible teacher if I get excited when I yell for them to line up and they do it the instant I ask, faster then they have ever lined up in their lives?

Am I a horrible teacher if I do actually laugh out loud (after the drill is over) when one of my little boys is so scared that he runs to line up with his actual sandwich in his hand (we were having snack), then has this blank look on his face because he doesn't know where in line to get?

Yes, I would say that I am a horrible teacher :0)


* Tyly * said...

funny thing is that i'm the one that about hits the roof when that darn thing goes off... my kids just get in line as i recover! :o)

Erica said...

Hey, I think Cassandra gave you a heads up already, but I wanted to ask you for a favor. I found your blog through Cassandra's and have been reading it ever since. You sounds like a great teacher, and I can only hope that Cate and Meg have teachers that care as much abour their students as you seem to care about yours!

I was hoping that you might be able to suggest some craft ideas for Cate. I've been working hard to find some positive outlets for her....enthusiasm (that's put gently.) I know you ought to have a lot that you use for class, and if you wouldn't mind sharing some with me, I could adapt them to Cate's ability level. If you don't mind, and it would be easier for you, my e-mail address is

Thank you so much. And keep posting, I really enjoy your blog!

Ms. Collier said...

I am laughing so hard right now! I can just see it because it happened in my classroom, too, except they're FOURTH graders!! hahahaha!!!!

cassandralynne. said...

LoL. I would pay money to see that.


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