Sunday, September 23, 2007

Grey's Season 4

Yes, does start this Thursday...which is also the same day as..SMALLVILLE!!!! Now, normally this would pose a huge problem for me;however, I have one thing that will save the day, and that my friends is called Direct TV! :0) I of course will not be watching the season premiere of Grey's, but I will record it. Hopefully I get get all of seasons 2 and 3 finished before episode 2 of season 4 comes on. We'll see!!


* Tyly * said...

isn't direct tv the best thing ever! i LOVE it!!

it's the only way both james and i can get both of our shows watched! he is way excited about smallville starting, too!

thanks for reminding me how season 1 ended! i remember that now! i remember feeling bad for meredith since she had no idea he was married!

grey's anatomy will always keep you wanting more! it's sooo good!!

* Tyly * said...

that is a very good question!

lots of shows we watch together, but for the others, well...

we have 2 direct tv dvr receivers, so we record our shows on 2 different tv's if necessary!

we both take tv very seriously!!


cassandralynne. said...

Yes, you have to watch Grey's in order. Finish your DVD's first and then watch the new season. How exciting!


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