Saturday, September 29, 2007

Joe T. Garcia's

So when I went to my workshop this past Tuesday, Eliza wanted to go eat at this Mexican food restaurant in Ft. Worth. I'd never heard of it, but we all said sure, so we went. It was amazing! The food was good, but that wasn't the most amazing part. It was their gardens! Evidently this is what Joe T. Garcia's is famous for.. they are so packed on the weekend, the line is out the door and in the street. Nobody ever wants to sit inside, everyone asks to sit out on the patio. After going there, I can see why. 'Liza said that she had been to a wedding reception there, and all of us girls said that it would be perfect for a wedding reception or a rehearsal dinner ;0) I most certainly agree! Enjoy the beautiful pictures~ I know that I did!


Ms. Collier said...

That would make a fun and very beautiful rehearsal dinner! I don't know that I would want a reception at a restaurant, but definitely the r. dinner!

Erica said...

That really is a GORGEOUS restaurant! I'll have to remember it if I'm ever in that area.


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